Work Jammies!

You know them mornings where you accidentally put the milk in the microwave and the uncooked toast in the fridge? These mornings are just calling for us to get snuggled back into bed again. Unfortunately, we wont be able to catch our dreams that way, therefore brands such as ASOS, Newlook, Bammies have made it a tad easier to bare them painful early mornings, and make your gloomy Mondays not so gloomy!

Pyjamas are for sleeping I hear you say. Na uh, the work wear its taking its tumble, and they are physically taking their comfortable clothing to work. This style is sure to turn heads but if you do it well, you’ll be hitting all them brownie points!  Below, I’ve put some designers and brands who are acing these styles and ways you can seek them through your week.

monday-newIts Monday morning and you have to be on our toes. Slip into the Next’s heels and get moving girl! The shirt definitely puts the ‘in’ in the orig’in’als! Easily mistaken for a jammy top, but pair it with some pleats and you’ll ace your Monday!

Item list:

  • Cream Contrast Trim Long Sleeve Shirt: Newlook. £13.00

  • Black Sateen Pleated Midi Skirt: Newlook. £24.99

  • Black Embroidered Round Toe Court Shoes: Next.£45.00

  • Mark Jacobs Baker Bracelet 36MM Red Dial Rose Gold Steel Women’s Watch: Forzieri.£229.00

  • Bobbi Brown Lux Lip Colour ( Sunset Orange): Selfridges & Co.£25.00


tuesday-newPhew, Monday is over! Now down to the real dirt! Yellow is such a positive colour, it just rays sunshine wherever you are. Stick on a pair of soft pants and voila! The necklace is a minimalist piece, very delicate but sharp; just how you want your dreams to be! Maybe the dream catcher can help you along the way?

Item list:

  • Womens Dark Blue Cropped Pyjama Style Trousers: Peacocks. £7.00

  • Top  With Cords At The Back: Zara. £29.00

  • Navy Comfort Suedette Peep Toe Heels: Newlook. £29.00

  • Dream Catcher Sterling Silver Necklace: Links of London. £75.00

wedneday-newYou’ve got that ‘meh’ feeling’ where you can see the weekend on the horizon but its still awkwardly far away.  This co-ordinate is bold, brave and daring! Keep it simple by adding a touch of class and the whole outfit is transformed from a caterpillar to a pretty little butterfly! I admit, this outfit is a little cray cray , but subtle it down with black accessories which would even out the colour palette.

Item list:

  • Printed Pajama Style blouse: Zara.

  • Pauls Boutique Exclusive Bethany Black Snake Structured Tote: ASOS. £72.00

  • Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 patent calf: Selfridges & Co.£425.00

thursday-newYou know what they say, Thursday is the new Friday! Okay, maybe not quite, but we’re lucky to have longer shopping hours! I randomly discovered this unconventional yet sophisticated American brand called Bammies. No shocks to where the name could had ever come from! This almost dressing gown, almost a Greek goddess, but definitely a diva like dress is incredibly comfortable. Its totts the ‘go to’ dress when you have a few drinks aside for you with some great company after work!

Item list:

Light Brown Suedette Cut Out Knotted Trim Heeled Boots: Newlook. £27.99

Connell Dress: Bammies. $150.00

friday-newYou’ve made it to another Fri-yay! This outfit adds a little bit of celebration to it, hence the show stopping necklace! The robe/blazer hits up the simple jumpsuit , paired with some strutting heels! Easy AM to PM outfit.

Item list:

  • Silky Wrap Blazer Dress Black: Miss Guided. £35.00

  • Forest of Chintz Disco Jungle Green Gold Fringe Necklace: Runway 2 Street. £501

  • Khaki cross over heel sandals:River Island.£55.00–boots/sandals/khaki-cross-over-heel-sandals-684735?sem=1&cmpid=PLA&istCompanyId=28d3cba5-6749-43eb-904c-61b8cc01cf80&istItemId=xtrtiwpqpi&istBid=tztx&gclid=CLm805ubq88CFfMV0wodpIkA3g

  • Georgie Round Neck Textured Jumpsuit: Boohoo. £20.00

I hope this read has entertained you through your beautiful Monday! Remember, positive vibes all day, everyday!

Lots of love!

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