Why detail matters | Mococo | Thomas Sabo

“Luxury is in each detail” – Hubert de Givenchy


It’s said; the first impression an interviewer will have on you is based on your nails. Defining each element of your appearance is the first of what one will see before understanding the true you.  The fashion game is heavily promoted with statement clothings and often leaves jewellery behind and allows you to dismiss the intricacy of the meaning behind it.

Think of it this way- rather than tasting the jewellery against your outfit, work the other way round. Whilst the outfit is usually the key focus due to the mass of it, details are equally as important as they can truly make or break the entire look.  It’s incredibly easy to fall in to the trap of your ‘daily studs’, but being too comfortable can for sure limit your outfit look’s potential.  Pairing your long chain earrings isn’t about just illustrating your neck to look longer, it’s about focusing all attention to key features around your earrings such as your hair and your facial features.

It’s effortless to say to buy clothes you should have a motive; such as you are looking for a denim jacket, a pair of frilled socks. However, whilst they show your personality and allow you to express your sense, does it really show you? Fine Jewellery is YOU. It allows you to remember and treasure the symbolism of the time and moment behind it. Whether it was a special give from someone, or a moment of realisation, the sentimental detail is one to change your emotions. Thomas Sabo’s pendent symbolises love; offering in-depth touch of elegance which is rare to find in the modern day of jewellery. This tree has been a popular feature in many of their collection, mostly because of the powerment it can bring to upgrade your outfit.

Whilst mainstream jewellery follows trends, fine jewellery is the house of uniqueness. My attention grew into Mococo’s brand where they have a real eye for detail.  Stocking the top designers yet specicilising in classical feminine pieces in gold, silver and rose gold; Mococo want you to feel what they feel- personal passion. It’s the element that shows you the value of their designer items, and offering that extra touch of warmth which elevates their items. Even to the smallest matters such as a greeting card and soft packaging with every purchase; Mococo appreciates the moments spent with your treasured pieces.

To purchase Mococo’s designer brands visit www.mococo.co.uk.

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