Let’s start from square one. For those who are new to my page, you may not know that I graduated with a Business Management and Economics degree. I craved for an outlet platform to release my creativity, explore my mind and realise my personality that I wanted to share with everyone, which is how I got into blogging. For me, blogging has been the best risk I could have ever taken; I have enhanced my confidence in front of the camera, improved my communication skills and developed an entrepreneurial mindset to prepare myself to launch my own exciting projects this year.  Let’s not forget, grown a tough shell that repels all negative energy. This blog post is aiming for all the wonderful newbie’s entering the creative world of blogging and things that should be taken into consideration.bernadettebaksa.com_NikitaLadwa_250318_9968_P

  1. Being catcalled, stared and even sworn on the streets is a norm

I thought it’s best to tear the bandage off and start the first and foremost. Whilst you imagine looking all chic and cute on the streets, some walkers by just won’t understand the purpose of it. When I started shooting outside, I remember a lady walking right beside me, giving me no personal space and just watching me… yeah, I know. Fast forward almost a year later, I still have the rare occurrence of people even saying weird or nasty things at me. But my best advice I could give to you which I learned from a photographer is that they will see you for no more than 20 seconds, and they’ll forget about it. It takes practice, and the more you do it, the more you will find your ‘good side’ and ‘naturally walking but looking to see if a car is coming’ poses.

  1. Rejection is the key for growth

As I have full-time job, I’m a little limited with timings however I do my best when it comes to using blank time such as commuting to work, lunchtimes and evenings. On a daily basis, I pitch myself to around 10 brands I truly relate. In an ideal situation, I would love to get some honest feedback from each and every one of them, but the truth is the brands want you to be the ‘ready’ packed goods rather than a working progress.  Rejection is key because,  whilst opportunities will always be headhunted, you will slowly find your niche and see a correlation of brand you will work with. Be prepared to show them your worth, and if you are stable enough to start charging, provide evidence and statistics to why they should invest in you. When it comes to pitching yourself, it is best to do it on Sunday evening, so the brands see it first thing Monday morning, or midweek when things have calmed down a little. Taking advice from my fellow bloggers, Friday is a no go as most people are ready to hit the weekend.

  1. Distraction comes in the form of being broke physically and mentally

You know when you were in school, and teachers use to motivate you to work harder to gain bigger rewards? Blogging is the exactly the same with other factors. For me personally, I am not able to ‘just’ blog for the sake of it. I must need to be in the right environment, right mind frame and make sure it meaningful. Writing is a passion, but it is only pure and transparent when one’s mind is clear and sometimes to get into this mind frame you need to prepare yourself.  As a blogger, you are a copywriter, a photographer, a social media pro, a marketer, an account and eventfully an entrepreneur.bernadettebaksa.com_NikitaLadwa_250318_9881_P

  1. You will have to compromise, negotiate and surrender

For this, I think it’s fair to share both my views as a blogger and someone who works in fashion marketing. Firstly, from a bloggers point; blogging is all about what YOU love! As a creator, you will instantly have a vision you want to fulfill and that is totally amazing, however other factors may intervene in how you represent this vision. With blogging, pitching automatically becomes a factor of your position and during this time this is your time to shine to brands why you’re worth it.  Being someone who also works in fashion marketing, I understand marketing is all about absorbing opportunities and making the most of it.   On a daily basis, I am forever accepting and declining brands simply on the basis of knowing myself worth. When I collaborate with brands, it honestly isn’t all about the products, but is about the people behind the screen too. Being nice doesn’t cost a thing!

  1. Your niche is your identity

From an outsider perspective, some may see a blogger being either fashion, beauty, lifestyle, mummy blogger and the list goes on. However, finding your niche is the most powerful and crucial stage to find whilst also expressing yourself. Weirdly enough, when I started blogging, I wanted to specialise and beauty. As time went by, it just wasn’t for me, which is where my love for fashion and more so natural beauty grew. Something that I know a lot of us needs reminding of is that this is our life we are exposing, keeping sentimental values unclosed is okay! This journey isn’t going to take a day, or month or even a year… this journey will slowly form and mould itself to you, rather than you are categorising yourself under a label.

  1. Your chapter 10 is someone’s chapter 1 and that’s okay

There isn’t a right or wrong way of thinking, bloggers truthfully speak based on their vast amount of experience. Some people may not see the same way as you think. Nonetheless, the people who understand you are the people who will support you for the long run.  I am persistently opening my mind to new values and driving myself to learn new things on a daily basis. Remembering that your niche is a small part of the market for a reason; just how you can’t please everyone in your real life, the same rule applies to blogging.

  1. Sometimes, it might feel lonely

Often, when I’m having a writer’s block I try turning to my close people around me. Truthfully, it is very few times they will understand what I am going through. Whilst the blogging community is incredibly supportive, they are also trying to propose their creativity whilst also battling their own challenges. Feeling lonely isn’t a negative attribute if anything it allows you some headspace to figure things out yourself and grow from it from a neutral perspective rather than basing it on other people’s experiences.bernadettebaksa.com_NikitaLadwa_250318_9856

  1. Trends are your bread and butter

It’s sad, but it’s true. If you’re not relevant, the vast amount of audience who are not within the blogging community will not be interested. However, this is a wall that you need to defeat. If all content creators were to copy others who they are inspired by, content will be the same through thick and thin. Influencer marketing is what drives the industry and seeing the same content repeatedly would only mean the industry would be at a standstill. However, educating yourself in top trends and knowing what readers love and then applying it to your format is what will allow you to grow.

  1. Blogging does cost you a dime… and more!

When I began blogging, my page was a WordPress owned URL for at least the first year. As my traffic and topics increased, I started saving to buy my own URL which roughly cost me around £120. However, it doesn’t stop there; in order to have the right foundation of your blog, it is important to include key plugins such as YEOST and MailChimp. YEOST is a plug-in which is a MUST to improve SEO of your blog page, and MailChimp is aimed at collecting email subscribers to grow your follower base- first 2000 subscribers are free however over this will mean you need to pay. Someone who works on a tight budget; I personally try to learn the ins and outs for everything I need to know in order to grow my blog and run it manually, however, this takes a lot of sessions by YouTube!

  1. Instagram shouldn’t be your focus, your blog is

Sometimes, this is something I personally need reminding of so I put my hands up for this. Instagram content creating is almost a powerful source of strategy to leverage your blog, however, sometimes it is incredibly easy to put your blog in the background due to … just life! It’s easier to post an Instagram picture than to write an entire meaningful blog piece.

Writing and producing creative content is more something I am extremely passionate about, so I truly hope the above points will help you readers one way or another. I am always wanting to grow, so feel free to pop a message by and let me know your thoughts on this piece!

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