We’re going green with this one!

WAIT! Don’t throw away your used green tea bag! That pocket full of richness is the secret to what’s trending right outside your doorstep. You see, we all know green tea is ever so healthy when laying off the caffeine, but what some may of not know is they are can be used even further. From exfoliators, to eye patches, to traditional face mask, to creams, green tea is a world of its own!

I cannot express how much value green tea has for your skin. Therefore, I have chosen to do three types of green tea DIYS to show you my incredibly, ravished, over the moon, extravagant, excitement over this new crave! (I know, a little OTT, but honestly it’s just ahhh!)

Taking the traditional cleansing approach, I will be conducting this based step by step of your daily/weekly cleanse.

face steam

The princess of glowing skin, yep that’s right- Miranda Kerr steams her face on a weekly basis with green tea. We all know the boring ol’ steam routine with simple water, but why not strengthen the extra use your new/used tea bag to lock in the goodness externally! Green tea has infusions of antioxidants, meaning that they prevent the skin from damages. While the face steam opens up your pores, the use of Green Tea leaves being exposed hydrates within the layers of your skin and provides the nutrition it needs.  This does not take long at all and is extremely simple.

Okay, so let’s get cracking. You’ll need:

  1. Pot – bringing water to a boil
  2. Loose or bagged Green tea
  3. A towel


  1. Yes, it’s really that simple! While the water is boiling, pop the leaves within it , allowing it to merge and saturate within the water, making sure you have covered the pot to lock in the nutrition!
  2. Be careful with this next step! Take the boiled water off the heat and drape the towel over your head, hovering over the steamed pot. Do this repeatedly for 2/3 minutes each time, this would re balance your pH levels as it does get a little steamy under there (get it, steamy?!).
  3. Alternatively, if you find it uncomfortable to float your head over the boiling water, use a clean face flannel and soak it in the water, then dab it over your face.

It gets pretty hectic living in London with this terrible weather, therefore ideally you should do this once a week to get that Miranda Kerr glow!

Face exfoliator

Green tea= reduction of anti-aging= reduction of acne= clearer and glowing skin! Honestly, that’s really it! When exfoliating, the granulate tend to remove hard core dirt that’s trapped in the layers of your skin. By exfoliating, you’re technically polishing off your face, allowing it to gleam from the core! Within this exfoliator, I’ve added cinnamon and honey! Going hand in hand, cinnamon softens and soothes dry or even dead skin, which adds to that glowing complexion, and honey- where do I start with the glorious honey! It has been used for centuries, waaaay before these ‘natural’ facial products existed! It is seen as a natural antibacterial, which is ever so great for acne treatment and prevention!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Cinnamon stick (or 1 tsp of powdered cinnamon)
  • 2 1/2 tsp Honey
  • 2 bags of Green tea

    Green tea, honey and cinnamon


    The treasure


  1. After cleansing/ steaming your face, your skin is ready to breathe the delightful green tea atmosphere!
  2. Open up the green tea bag into a bowl and stir in the honey to make a soft paste.
  3. If using cinnamon sticks, grind  into a fine powdered mixture. The bigger you leave the pieces of cinnamon, the harsher the exfoliator will be, therefore for sensitive skin, you need to get them muscles going girl! Equally you could use powered cinnamon. Infuse the cinnamon within the honey and green tea paste and finito!
  4. With the mixture, you gently scrub your face, again in circular motions to allow your muscles to retract and relax, and for your skin to absorb the magic!
  5. This is pretty much a short exfoliating time span as you do not need to leave it on to set. So once you’ve covered your face (and neck if you want), clear off the remanding’s with water and we’re done!!

With the face exfoliator: results

face toner

Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve only just discovered how crucial a toner is to ones life! Right now, I’ve been using Bodyshop’s Tea Tree collection toner, and although its brilliant and effective, I want the same results but with a healthier natural substance that being Green Tea!

Ever get that tightened feeling of your skin after washing your face with  water? Yeah, that’s your pores stretching and your pH levels becoming unbalanced, thank lord there is a toner on this earth! When brewing Green Tea, this activates Polyphenols, a chemical which slows down the damage to your skin from the environment, meaning it has that ‘sun block’ affect when you’re lucky enough to catch some rays! The sad truth is that we age, meaning we need all the vitamin C and E that we can get! With this so so natural toner, its boosts your vitamin intake really easily!

Top tip: Use this twice a day, morning and the evening. Reasons being, after battling your alarm in the morning, your eyes will be taking a lot of weight, Green Tea would reduce puffiness of your eyes and face because of the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory particles within it! You can also apply it during the evening to relax and cleanse your face.

What you’ll need:

  • Kettle
  • Mug
  • Green tea


  1. Incredibly simple just like the Green tea steam. If you know how to make tea, boy you’re in for a treat with this one, you may as well do this with your eyes closed!
  2. Okay so you pop the kettle on like any other tea, pour the boiling water into the mug while the Green teabag is in there.
  3. Wait for it to cool down slightly to room temperature, and then transport it to another container. You could use a bottle with a spray, or a simple container. Continue the cooling process by putting it in the fridge for a 20 minutes or so until the temperature is cool enough!
  4. Finally, using a cotton pad, dab it within the resolution to cleanse your face in circular motions to allow the blood to flow and your muscles to relax. Do this all around your face and voilà! Real simple and easy! Continue your routine with your daily serum/lotion.

Here’s a secret: you can also use this toner all over your body! Yeap, I know – life is good right!? With this, you may choose to use a spray bottle as its easier to manoeuvre around your body!


Green tea brewing


Final substance option

Hope you enjoyed getting down and greening with me, until next time my lovelies, ciao!


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