Three Hearts in Corfu.

Right ladies and gentlemen, on the menu today we have a wonderful glimpse of Corfu Island, with a pinch of crazy water sports and of course, as the sun sets down we hit the moon light at some night clubs!

HELLO EVERYONE! Some may know, I had been away earlier this summer to the magnificent island of Corfu with two of my besties 4 lyf! As both of them were planning to move to Canada, they’re leave their little baby sister (as they say) behind to defeat the world all by herself! This holiday wasn’t JUST a holiday; it was more so a ‘not so last bonding session’ before we all depart away for a while. What better way to keep each of us in our hearts than document it through pictures!

Let’s begin! We stayed in the island called Kavos. I know, I know, what you must be thinking. Cheap booze, broken ligaments, partying till the wake of dawn and horrendous chat up lines. Please can I assure you, only 2 things were ticked off on that list, and I’ll let you do the guessing for that!

My first love is food, so I’m going to start off with the ‘healthy’ food we had out there for all ya foodie lovers! So, as you can imagine, going to a foreign country can be difficult for vegetarians like myself, there’s not much on the menu I can choose from. HOWEVER, being a lover of cheese, I’d be happy with eating that by itself. On an average, we spent 7.50 euros each day for dinner. You see, restaurants have daily ‘deals’ where you can get either starter or dessert free when paying for the course. If you’re lucky enough, you’re able to haggle the cents to get 2 starters if you don’t fancy a dessert. (Please bare in mind that I am judging the food as a vegetarian (and a great lover of cheese)).



IMG_6774 edit.jpg

While we weren’t eating or sleeping or dying in the scorching heat, we were out seeing the true beauty of Corfu. Being in Kavos, you’re initially limited to the authenticity of what Greece holds, therefore we decided to take a cruise trip to Paxos and Anti Paxos where we saw absolutely stunning caves. I don’t think words can ever justify the sight we saw! You could see a vivid distinction of depth in the water; which was freighting at times. The further we went away from Kavos and closer to Paxos, the water became to look mysteriously like ink; soo clear yet soo dark. We swam in the caves and let me tell you; it was astonishing to see the natural layers of rocks built up from previous centuries. Later, we went to Anti Paxos, a tiny island with clear crystal water and white sand, with a population of around 2200 people. It has around 2/3 restaurants and that’s simply is it!





We then headed to an authentic village within Paxos. Now, this is ultimately everything you see in the ads and commercials. Beautiful flowers, gleaming sun, and gooses and cats in the restaurants. Wait what? Yeap, it seemed to be the norm to have your pets running around from one restaurant to another. The village is extremely small, so the goose that you saw at the beginning is most likely the same goose tugging on your dress at the end of the street.22img_6911u






What’s a holiday without breaking a leg or two doing crazy sports? Let’s get one thing straight, I am a dare devil, but I’m the biggest, scream-ish scardy cat you will see. Yes, for those who know, I did scuba diving in Egypt last year, and although It was the best experience I have had yet, I pleaded no till the guy pushed me in the sea in the last minute. So conquering some of the following water sports seemed like a pea size activity compared to that, but guess what, I WAS STILL JITTERY. The first water sport we did was the individual donuts. Hate for this ride is not even the word, and you probably guessed right, I was the only damn loser to fall off it! I like adrenaline, as long as it’s not fast, or high, or even moving, okay I don’t like adrenaline.  We then also went on the Sofa floats, which was a little safer in my eyes seeing as I was with the girls, and there’s no way I could tip over, yet I still screamed for God dear mighty!

On to the more calming activities; I don’t like to brag, but I think I was pretty good at this following sport. We did wake boarding, which could be said is a combination of surfing and possibly rowing? Highly recommended for people who love to go in the middle of the sea without actually swimming. We also did paragliding; the most relaxing way to end a beautiful holiday. Seeing the land from bird’s eye perspective is a must!





And lastly, I bet you’ve been dying to know the extremely crazy things we’ve done during the nights out right? Sorry to kill your vibes beautiful readers, but we didn’t really go HAM, and I don’t regret it one bit. This holiday was all about the bond that we all hold, and we had everlasting amount of fun. On the nights out that we did go to, we were bombarded by reps trying to offer us 5 drinks with shots or lethal crap for 5 euros. Sorry fella, I wasn’t interested in that. The popular bars/ and clubs that seemed to be buzzing most nights were called ‘Madison’s’, ‘The Buzz’, ‘Rolling Stones’, and our very own favourite ‘The Barn’. Why? The drinks were actually real and the bartenders were just hilarious.  The Barn grew to become a familiar face to us, providing a sense of protection to all their customers.  The bar was genuinely filled with mature, non 18 year olds who have just buzzed off laughing gas people, and that’s what I love about it.

If I was to sum up this trip in 3 (maybe 5) words, it would be; immense, comforting, and a realisation call. Realisation call? Nothing has hit me as hard as this has. I have never been so proud of the people I have been surrounded by, and it excites me knowing they also are sky high achievers which is why they fit into my life just like a puzzle piece

I hope you have enjoyed this sensitive/emotional, fun loving post. Here’s a few more snaps of Kavos for ya!

Corfu 2016 136 edit.jpg






Saving the best till last;

IMG_7160 edit.jpg

Farewell for now.

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