The Ugly Gingham


There’s a first time for everything right? I would like to open up this post with a confession. I….uh actually never liked Gingham. I’ve always associated Gingham with primary school dresses or on my Grandmother’s towel. Little did I know that one day the world would explode out of excitement over the comeback of this print; and it will revolute the term ‘fashion statement’ as the highlight of this year’s Spring/ Summer trend.

Gingham made a sharp return in February when it hit the catwalks strong and fiercefully. Embracing the ‘check mate’ move, high streets caught up real fast on the movements and implemented it on different types of garments. Admittingly, I still see some Gingham and think ‘what the world is that?!’ and strongly believe the traditional colour is what puts people on nerves. Whilst black, yellow, blue and pink may be a hit or miss, red Gingham is certainly the shade that can burn the fire in your belly! When I came across the strapless jumpsuit with two types of Gingham print on it, I mentally prepared myself for the big make it or break it moment.

Whilst some believe you mustn’t put bold on bold together, this jumpsuit can be seen as a blank canvas as it does not have intricate detailing. I paired it with delicate floral earrings to emphasis and bring the whiteness colour out of the jumpsuit. Adding white accessories usually balances out the contrast between strong colours and the body, such as white sneakers. However, adding subtle details such as jewellery can almost emphasis the garment rather than toning it down. The jumpsuit is printed with smaller checks on the top half and detached a soft layer to accentuate the top half of the body. The larger print compliments the soft wide leg finishing look, affectively defining the legs looking longer with the high waist stitching.  The one piece holds a cute bow on the back, adding the chic country girl vibe back into the city girl look.  Ideal for a picnic date or a drink at a local pub, this jumpsuit is super comfy and very practical too.

So, is it correct to say I lost my Gingham virginity? I think so. Gingham screams summertime all over and is a fabulous print to include into your wardrobe. I’ll admit, there is a limit to how much Gingham you should hold, but hey it’s like marmite; you either love it or hate it.

Product details: 

Jumpsuit: ASOS

Earrings: Jon Richard

Espadrille sandals: Truffle

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