The tassel was worth the hassle!

GIVE ME A G (G), GIVE ME A R (R), GIVE ME AN A (A) … fast forwarding, IT’S GRADUATION TIME!  I am going to super cheese up this post as I feel this moment is very close to my heart! This post will capture the pre and post feelings of my graduation. I will be writing my expectations a week in advance, followed by the pinch of reality after my graduation.

To me, graduation is classed as the second to biggest day to my wedding (I am not exaggerating, it really does mean that much to me).  Feeling both nervous but buzzing, I can image, this is a stage that most graduates feel as they have anticipated them pretty much their whole life, but that moment where they grasp their certificate is that ‘YESSSSS MOMMA I MADE IT’ moment!

Okay, let’s get moving!

the great fall


Right, I am tall as some may say, therefore getting the right heels is crucial. BUT, even worse than that is getting your ‘comfy height’. What I mean by this is, wearing ginormous inches is playing with fire. I’ve never had that models strut, you know the ones where girls can just swing next to you with killer heels, yeah that. I’m more so like humpty dumpty that can’t even get on the wall as its too high to climb with even 1 inch heels. I’m super nervous!


C’mon, tell me I was just being silly. Of course I didn’t trip. To be honest, the walk whizzed by so quick, I didn’t even have time to trip! It was a simple doff of the hat to the chancellor and hand shake when collecting our certificate from the vice chancellor. Every year, people become more adventurous and gutsy, and too right they have the right to do so! A couple of students dabbed their way out, and some managed to get a cheeky selfie on stage. I (being a little scardy pants), just walked on stage, and my family and friends of 9 decided to roar the place down. At that point, that’s when I was gleaming ear to ear!

Times ticking


To the people that know me, I am always late to everything. Somehow, somewhere, the time always hits me in my face when there’s a big fat sign stuck on my head saying ’BE ON TIME FOR ONCE’. So I’ll be travelling from London to Leicester, average time would be 1.5 hours. BUT, with the killer traffic it will be around 3 hours. Running late from London means, late for registration, which can only mean running late for my own damn graduation. Yep, I’ll be the sore loser that trembles in at the end of the show! Well, may as well call it fashionably late.


I gave  myself around 2.5 hours to get ready, eat a very early breakfast and get in the car, but somehow, my family and I  managed to leave an hour late. This was not good. The journey to Leicester seemed pretty quick, but that’s mostly because my friends and I were just keeping ourselves entertained, like we do.  I was in my aunties car, and I had arrived 20 minutes before the registration closing time, YIKES! I was running  around like a headless chicken trying to get my act together and  ‘attempting’ all to meet up in the same place, this being without any internet so no use of location finder. Okay, things started to boil up when I couldn’t see my parents anywhere. I was getting  more nervous about my parents not being there then actually anything else.None the less,  they had just made it in the nick of time, 10 minutes before the ceremony; PHEW! That could had gone horribly wrong!

Thr fat whack of the hatexpectations

You know them so cliché pictures every grad does chucking their hat in the air so
graciously? I am most likely going to cause some real damage when I do this! But I am sure there will be A&E floating around somewhere.


I am all about cheese, so I chucked my hat as many times as I could during the day. But guess what, not once did I hurt a fly. Okay, so the hat swayed past my friend once, but hey that’s the winds fault. No ambulance, and no death threats, I’m good to go!eJc1OD


Right now, I have the ‘oh yeah, I know what I am doing’ face on. But honestly, I have no clue how to answer that question. I’ve always had my head screwed on (if I must say so myself), and I know what my goals are! I am exploring life as some may say, and I’m lovin’ it! To some, they may already have their dream jobs, I will just classify myself as a late bloomer, prepping the world for my entrance!


Surprisingly, as everyone was busy enjoying themselves, no one drifted the question at all! It made me feel like a little bit of student inside me is left, and I’ve not completely left my immaturity behind for the working world.



I’ve gone through a few tonnes of dresses and heels. I am so not prepared for any rippes, tares or snaps! My dress isn’t the tightest, but it’s not as baggy either. However, it is pale! And let’s just say I am a messy person! On many occasions I’ve stained my dresses by accidentally brushing my layers of makeup from my face on my dress.  I kid you not, I need an overall to help me with this, but hey I guess the graduation gown can be the supplement!


All in all, my dress came back in one piece (kind off) and my heels were in tack (again, kind off). BUT, thank the lord- NO MAKE UP STAINS! Other than muddy grass stains of my pretty new shoe, I could get away with wearing them again. I had bought my dress from ASOS and believe me, they did not fail me in the slightest. So comfortable, such fab quality and literally the best suited dress for graduation.

In addition, I thought I would share my top tips to help you fellow grads out to prep for your big day!top tips

I hope you guys have enjoyed this ‘short’ read of mine, and has added value in your preparations for graduation! Have any top tips of your own, or even just want to share your graduation stories? Comment below, I would love to hear about it all!

P.S, enjoy some snaps below from my graduation!

P.P.S, I want to give De Montfort University an infinity amount of thanks for the celebrations, the day has truly been kept as an unforgotten memory!

Lots of love,


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