Taking steps towards self-happiness

1B6A7537.jpgSince August was birthday month I went on a personal journey of my own to really find the core of me. I stripped down all superficial things which I thought made me happy and really, just really listened to my soul. In this blog post, I’ll be covering the major and minor acts I have implemented in my routines to allow me to grow my happiness.

  1. Just, living.

In my previous blog posts, I’ve spoken about the struggles I face just clocking off. Being someone who severely likes to pack their day to the last minute, and frankly when no isn’t an answer, I often bombard myself with just major yes’s and a whole load of anxiety. Pausing for a second, reflecting and understanding what is really means in achieving the activity which makes you feel a certain was concludes you decided if it is actually important or not. A book which helped me discover this is ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by Sarah Knight. Often, this book teaches you methods of just letting life lead you in a somewhat humorous way. Alongside the good ol’ read, I have revitalised my core by hitting to yoga class again, but one with a futuristic twist. They say the hardest thing about yoga is controlling your breathing. A studio which I often went to this summer was called Fly LDN. Uniquely, they have a large screen on the wall with the most sensationally relaxing footage playing that scope from the tops of the mountain to beaches of the coast. Getting in the mood to zone out couldn’t be any easier, to the extent where all you hear is the instructor’s voice and you let your body do the flowing.

2.Say yes to good food

You are what you eat. Now, we all know this is fairly obvious but why does no one take a second look at where their fruit, veg, and meat is coming from. This is getting a little personal, but I fainted for the first time ever in my life this month, and it made me realize I need to fix this! Waking up with a black eye with a fan on my face is not how I want to envision my days, so the best format to avoid this is to realize what I am putting into my body. Whilst I’ve been on the move, it’s easy to fall into habits of just eating the most convenient snack available. However, one thing which has helped me minimize time but maximize my energy is So Shape’s shake snacks. From sweet to savory, the shakes are the ultimate quick fix meal any busy bee needs in order to take count of the nutrients and keep count of calories.

  1. Quality over quantity.

This is the first thing I ever learned when studying business, and I have learned to absorb this method through various channels of my life. Frankly, I would rather sit here with 3 people who mean the world to me, then 2 handfuls of people who do not even know my core. It’s said that the 5 closest people around you is who you are. Being more you means being a better person, and if you aspire to grasp a quality of someone then be around them more.

  1. Choose your heart. Every. Single. Time.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of ‘what if’. What if I didn’t eat that, what if he didn’t like this, what if I miss this opportunity. Those what ifs do not need to exist if you just, follow your heart. I know its cheesy and cliché but it providing the satisfaction that following your heart gives offers more than the unknown. A quote I have always treasured from Richard Brandson is “Opportunities are like buses – there’s always another one coming”.

  1. Be thankful.

Before going to bed,  I say thanks to my bed, thanks to my body and thanks to my sense. Even if you need to pinch yourself back to reality, being thankful for the little things you have in your life is a treasure. You do not need to remind yourself compared to those less fortunate; it’s the simple stage of saying thank you to what is keeping you alive.

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