Springing in Pastel


My recent posts can be classed somewhat a lazy relaxed style. I put my hands up ; I don’t have enough A line skirts in my wardrobe that makes a casual day time look more chic. Simply because I can never find one to suit my long legs without making them longer; they either sit half way through up my thighs or hover over my knees. A line skirts generally sit on your hip line for the reason to make your legs look longer. Personally, I feel that I don’t need to extend my legs, but I wanted to broaden my range of clothes, hence I’m breaking all the fashion rules (if there even is any).

ASOS is my go-to stop for everything and anything, not because I have free next day delivery, but because it caters everything I need in life! Recently introducing leather into my wardrobe, I wanted a fun yet super feminine skirt which suits my body shape…and this is when I am across Glamorous’s pink pastel skirt on ASOS. The leather skirt is enhanced with cute big pockets that maxes the waist, making the skirt look longer.  Sitting ¾ of the way down between my hips and my knees is the perfect length for me; its comfortably covered however still shows enough leg length. As much as I love my bold colours, pastel hues is where my heart lies. This pastel skirt definitely covers the spectrum of versatility; style it up with light coloured heels, or tone it down with converses.

I find that the best way to tone town a bold garment is to place it with a soft detailed feature, that being my frilled blouse. Frills have been a big hit this season. It started off with extravagant layers premiering in SS17 fashion weeks. But, I recently found that trends are turning to downtown the frills to smaller delicate layers. Whether they are big or small, they will extenuate the body parts you aim for. Embracing my small upper body, I opted for simple frills which would broaden my shoulders; balancing my frame. Sleeves tightly cuffed around my wrist, the blouse sets of a Victorian vibe that I feel are also making a great comeback into the fashion word. Possibly, this could be my next inspired outfit?

Product Details: 

Skirt: Glamorous

Blouse: Boohoo

Satchel: River Island

Brogue: New Look

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