Next Perfumes: The Originals and The Newbies!

I believe that Next perfumes are totally underestimated. Now, I don’t say that because I’ve been working there most of my teen years, but I say that because they pretty much smell as heavenly as the major designers out there. I’ve gone through my fair share of perfumes during my young life, and I plan on going through an entire million in the future. Being a lover of fresh strong but classical perfumes, I’ll be briefing you fabulous readers on some of the newbies that Next have introduced, and some what decade old originals that are promised of their brand!

To begin with , most of us must have come across their ‘Just Pink’ selection. It’s light, it’s fresh and flies with the  butterflies! The sense is definitely unique, which is why it’s a fav for the loyal customers at Next. This is undeniably a every day spray  as it is  light as a feather, but leaves a trail of smell behind you. It conducts  of Green Mandarin, Cassia, Muguet, Jasmine, Patchouli and of course a touch of Musk. This Eau De Parfume is an all round season smell, and is available throughout the year. It also comes in a part of very summery gift set, which includes a glittery body shimmer and their body lotion at £14. 670-270s.jpg

Just Pink Eau De Parfume ( 100 ml)
Price: £12
POS Code:670-270


Just Pink Eau De Parfume ( 30 ml)
Price: £8
POS Code:494-578

Just Pink  Fragrance Wardrobe
Price: £16
POS Code:862-774

Just Pink Fragranced Reed Diffuser ( 100 ml)
Price: £8
POS Code:951-961

Just Pink Fragrance Gift Set
Price: £14
POS Code:800-009

Secondly, Define. I have unconditionally bathed myself with this perfume! It smells soo rich, and soo….divine! It’s a strong smell that is mesmerizing and mostly used for the special evenings. When I first started buying this bottle of glory, it was a generous amount, around 100 ml. However, as they have been re-branding the look, it comes in petite bottle, however priced the same as the previous 100 ml bottle . BUT, don’t let that discourage you, this perfume will  butter you up wherever you go. Define holds that expensive undertone, but at a cheaper price! It includes, Bergamot, Pear, Heliotrope, Lily , of course, Next’s favorite Sandalwood and Musk.


Define Eau De Parfum ( 100 ml)
Price: £15
POS Code:988-560


Define Eau De Parfum ( 30 ml)
Price: £10
POS Code:980-724

Define Fragrance Gift
Price: £15
POS Code:908-556

Paradise, the place where you can get away. Hand over the sunshine in bottle please! This is a very sweet perfume, but not to the extent it will make you hurl! You know that fresh beachy smell when you go on holiday, its pretty much that! The gorgeous notes within this are, Apple, Lemon,  Mangolia Rose, Sandal-wood and musk as the base. My particular summer go to perfume is the Paradise in the pink bottle, however the green and blue bottle is also known to be a top seller at next. In some stores, it is available to be bought separately however they are like gold dust when pinning them down. But, the set of three is available from pretty much all the branches.


Paradise Eau De Parfum ( 100 ml)
Price: £12
POS Code:365-173


Paradise Eau De Parfum ( 30 ml)
Price: £18
POS Code:362-879

Paradise Gift Set ( 100 ml)
Price: £12
POS Code:390-904

Paradise Body Mist ( 200 ml)
Price: £6
POS Code:107-593

Alright, on to the lovely newbies! Think of the color red. Now, as crazy as you think this is, what smell can you associate yourself to this? Fiery, ultimately strong, with a hint of warmth? Yep, you got that right. Next have just launched their new ‘Rouge Absolue’ perfume in selected stores. I’ll admit, this smell takes time to grow on you. The first instinct of smell is the Mandarin and Plum peering through. Once its warmed on your skin, again the great combo of Cassis and Jasmine settles in. And lastly, the base is Amber and Tonka. The smell is extremely heavy, but it does stay a long time! This fiery smell would be ideal for the classy  ladies who are in their 30’s+, I say this because the smell is very florescent with the floral Tonka powering it, giving that mature aroma. 

Keeping the best to last, can I introduce you to my new best friend; ‘Be Decadent’! That’s right, sorry old best friends,  been avoiding you as I’m spending some special bonding time with this one. Right, so when I smelt this at work, it definitely smelt like Jimmy Choo’s  Eau de Toilette for her which was launched in 2012. Reason being, they both hold the sweet citrusy orange smell, but its disguised by the floral essence. Madly in love with this smell,  as it’s a classic feminine smell, but the addition of heat! This is 100% my summer smell of this year, keeping it cheap and cheerful! This gorg perfume is made up with Bergamot, Freesia, Orange, Blossom, White and Amber flower.

For the two newbies, there are no pictures online, however you are able to take the


Left to right: Rouge Absolue Sample, Be Decadent Sample

following POS codes stated below to your local next store, and I’m sure they would be happy to track one down for you. For the Be Decadent perfume, please refer to the little promo video I did for this post via my Instagram channel ( @nikitachandni). Also, pick yourself a sample of both perfumes at the counter desk if you don’t want to be committed to the whole bottle just yet. But be quick as they’re flying off like hot wings!

Rouge Absolue(30 ml): 367911

Rouge Absolue(100 ml): 358487

Be Decadent(30 ml): 107977

Be Decadent (100 ml): 395020

That’s it for today, I hope you awesome readers have enjoyed this edition!

Get in touch and let me know your favorite Next perfumes!

Lots of love!

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