Nails & Brows Mayfair| 24K Gold Kissed Mani


For a very long time, I have been obsessed with having good nails. And when I say good nails, I mean having them neat, pretty and healthy.  I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Mayfair’s finest nail boutique, Nails and Brows who provided me a wonderful GOLD KISSED manicure at their chic boutique.

Let me give you the low down of what I look for first in a manicurist. I like them to be hygienic, duh. I also prefer that they set the atmosphere tone right. To some it simply may mean walking in and out; ta da nails are done. For me, I want to feel relaxed- I barely have any time for myself so time spent taking a little care for me means it has to be perfect. I also like to have variety, nothing worse than going to a salon and they say ‘oh sorry, we’re out on this one, and that one, and oh this one too’.

Sadly, I can say my experience with many manicurist have been somewhat negative, one leaving me with a finger infection. To begin with, Nails and Brows salon had started with one thing in mind and that was luxury. Sherille Riley, the founder of the niche salon owns a background in celebrity brow styling and colouring. Whilst the ground floor offers a luxury manicure/pedicure service, the upper floor holds a sensational brow expertise service.

Hearing amazing things about the one of a kind ‘24k gold kissed’ mani, I opted to pair a nude tone with a etched gold finishing. I have to admit, I’ve been quite naughty. As the past couple of months I have not received great nail treatment services, I went for a shellac coat in Greece , listen, it was cheap and I had no choice! Now, the lovely lady who was pampering during the treatment spent somewhat 10 yonk years to take this shellac of, but once it was off we were good to go.

The treatment felt like it was aiming for not just the pretty side of life, but also offering a more permanent health resort too. You may go into a salon where they use an electrical buffer and cleaner, however Nails and Brow’s service was all done by hand, meaning no harsh tearing between any nails! Throughout the manicure, the manicurist consistently kept everything clean with a moist fresh towel.

Once the coats we’re applied and gelled together, this is where the party began! The gold was applied; I am still in shock that as I currently type I have gold on my nails right now! Gently tearing the gold sheet, the gold was applied in a unique way, no two fingers would be seen the same as they are placed in such a elegant way.

It has now been exactly a week since my visit to Nails and Brows, and I can truthful say the polish is good as gold… get it? I’ve done some pretty tough chores to test them out such as washing dishes, washing the car and they have lasted very well through the pain. Nails and Brows boutique by far had provided the best service till date, and I know for sure I will struggle to receive the same service elsewhere.

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