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Maybe this is just me, but do you have a favorite sense? Mine is definitely the sense of smelling. It’s amazing how a smell can rewind back so many memories, or even create new ones. When I find my ‘smell’ I want to take it everywhere, only problem is that I don’t want to lug around a heavy bottle in my bag. I received a mini perfume applicator, and thought my life is complete!

Reload  is designed for a lifestyle purpose. Created with ‘moments’ in mind,  they have built a handy refillable and customisable mini spray. Take it in your pocket, in your handbag, heck take it even in your bra; this mini spray is great for keeping your smell close to you.

This mini perfume itself is extremely straight forward; as easy as pulling the bottom part out, click your refillable perfume in, and you’re good to go. Reload have various perfumes of their own inspired by various lifestyle activities. However the mini perfume is applicable with other designer refillable too. Likewise, you can also refill the clip in bottles with your favorite perfume. The best part is, you can completely customise it.  You can buy pre-made skins from Reload, or even go the extra mile and create your own.

Misery days be gone! Bring your blissful smells wherever you go by purchasing Reload mini spray from:  UK at Boots, France at Monoprix, Belgium at Ici Paris XL and Switzerland at Manor.

Lots of love,

Nikita x



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