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To say the least, I’m a bed hair girl. One who will wake up and rocks her hair however it decides to be. But being blessed with great Indian genetics, my hair has been thick and dead straight since my younger days, and I aim to keep it that way. However, my hair has been losing definition due to coloring and the environmental changes. I wanted something to emphasise my hair therefore decided to give Millionaire Hair Mist a shot, and see the difference!

You must be thinking, why a hair mist from the vast amount of products out there!? Well, a hair mist acts as a light coverage of foundation and with winter rolling in, we need to keep our roots moisturised as possible! Most hair mist are purely down to deep conditioning level, however Millionaire Hair Mist is a multitasking potion which does more than you think. It styles, it comforts, it nurtures, and it protects. Pretty much Mother Nature in a bottle ay?

Originated from a generational presence later mastered by Jas Braich, the remedy contains aloe vera, blackcurrant extracts, argan oil (YES WINNING), and ginger essentials; just the right formular for some deep TLC for my follicles! Blackcurrants act as a form of protection against the rough environmental temperatures whereas ginger promotes and boosts growth of the hair. Each and every bottle is made freshly, so you’re guaranteed to get the full advantage from the extracts. The non-greasy hair mist aims to improve elasticity of your hair, keep frizzyness tamed and mostly nourishes your roots within.

I used this hair mist when my hair was semi damp, and I pretty much let it set and dry naturally.  Easy spray on bottle to use and it gives an even coverage.  The hair mist illuminated an instant shine to my hair, which I have been craving since the summer sea times and gave that umph that my hair just needed! My hair gradually felt softer and sleeker as the hours went past, giving a knot-less and volumed resistance.

Overall, I am obsessed with how natural yet effortless impact this hair mist gives. Millionaire Hair Mist is certainly a hair care must when reclaiming and boosting your hair’s health without any dangerous chemicals being intact.  For a fact this product will be sticking around in my weekly routine; through winter to summer, Millionaire Hair Mist, you aren’t going anywhere now!

Ways to use it:

  1. Spray it while your hair is damp. Let it settle and then style.
  2. Spray it on dry hair and style.
  3. Spray it whilst your hair is damp BUT use a hot towel to allow the mist to soak in.

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Lots of love,

Nikita x

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