Memoir of Twenty-Two

I’ve wanted to let you guys in my life on a deeper level for a while. Words are extremely powerful, and to me it is the best way I express myself. My 23rd birthday is drawing in very soon, and to leave a little memoir from myself to the world whilst being this young; I thought the best way would be to pass some personal reflection notes based on my past year. This post is more so an acceptance piece, to comfort people who may be feeling similarly to me or someone that really just wants to understand the core of me.

  1. The Dramatic Door Shuts: It’s okay to be upset, or even dramatically upset. Because you’re 22, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to feel emotions. It’s how you decide to channel it that will change.
  2. The Lonely Phase: It’s also okay to be upset when you have lost friends. There’s a saying that goes by that comforts me, ‘if you’re not losing friends, you’re not growing‘. No one really likes losing friends, but in life the sad truth is people will grow, and people will differ and we must encourage all people to follow their goals.
  3. The Lack of Mojo: Not everyday you’re going to wake up on the right side of the bed and all is happy glory. The simplest things can automatically switch your day around, such as smiling at someone at the station.
  4. The World: I want everything. I bet the first thing you thought when I wrote that was the money right? To me, my ‘everything’ is to be happy with whatever I do, and to love what I do.
  5. The Anxiousness: Being 22 is when I discovered what anxiety feels like. The rush to get to work in the morning, not making it back to the gym in time, or frankly not relaxing when I’ve actually schedules relaxing in my planner. Discovering my triggers, I am currently on the quest to find new ways to relax; one of which is mediation before sleeping ( I highly recommend this).
  6. The Time is Money Phase: No no no no no. Stop thinking like this. Whilst I am currently banging my keyboard at this point, time is not money! Time is time and money is money. Being 22, it is hard to confuse these two bold statements with the eagerness within you, but something I have learned is to be selfish with your time, and money will follow.
  7. The ‘I Don’t Get You’ Face: It’s okay for people not to understand you, but also give yourself the opportunity to understand them. People are unique for a reason, that’s how God created us; embracing it is what will grow your intelligence.
  8. The Stuck Zone: Being 22, you’re bound to hop into many opportunities, but over time you may not agree to them. I have learned that if I do not like it, change it, and it’s as easy as it seems.
  9. The Negativity: Many of you must of know this, but when I started blogging and actually announced my new venture, I laid on my bed and thought ‘what the @?!# have I just done. The rush of feeling/ knowing people are judging me was excruciating. Now looking at it, I’m ready to tell the world to hit me harder.
  10. The Alone Time: Have you ever just sat there, and let your mind run? Is it running away from the troubles of the day, or is it running creatively with your imagination. Having alone time allows you to just…breathe.
  11. The Loving Side: I cannot preach how valuable your family is. For me it took a big turn to realise it in my year of 22, but this should come naturally. Sadly, many of 20-something reading this are dying to move out their houses, far away from their parents. Something to remember is, they love you more than anyone in the world will- show it back to them.
  12. The Balancing: Balance yourself. People tend to think sleep is for the weak- no it isn’t. You’re more proactive when you are at your healthiest stage. Don’t work harder, work smarter.
  13. The Love Signs: You HAVE to do what you love. Right now is all we have, make it count in all different ways!
  14. The Outbursts: I often found myself having these moments where I was bursting out of excitement. They triggered from something that had influenced me, and I found it difficult to keep my excitement within. I slowly but surely managed to channel these outburst/ideas onto paper, which I continuously recap over  every so often.
  15. The Knowing: GET. OUT. THERE. Networking, and not just for the sake of equipping your career is soo crucial right now. Meeting new people broadens your knowledge and allows you to see life is all kinds of ways.
  16. The ‘Happily Ever After’: Accepting is the biggest thing. I was in love with someone for many years and I solidly grew a future with him in my head.  I strongly believe in everything being written before birth, and the truth is-sometimes they go to plan but sometimes it completely takes a left exit. Value the moment you had with them and look forward to the bright future.
  17. The’ Happily Ever After’ Part Two: Your life right now is not your happy ever after, and I mean career wise. Set goals the SMART way!
  18. The Comfort Zone: Always try something new, even though you may feel like you know you will not enjoy it; at the end you will have an amusing story to tell.
  19. The Next Alan Sugar: Stop pressurising yourself to becoming the next Alan Sugar. Many, many, mannnnnny people around you will be on difference wages as you, but seriously think, what is more important to you? I agree, money is needed to make you happy- partially! But in order for you to have that ‘temporally’ happiness, you’re waiting to save up right? Once you buy it, what next? Save for something else? Don’t you see how this monetary cycle is so capitalised and so self centered!
  20. The Questions: Just as we learned in school, if you don’t understand- question it. Think of it this way, if someone holds the power of wisdom whether that’s in work or personal life, why wouldn’t you want to learn from them? Absorbing information can come in many shapes and forms; apply it regularly and don’t shy away!
  21. The Ego: To be selfless is a beautiful thing. Yes, it’s a difficult passage to go through, but the more we learn to let our egos go, the better we feel when we allow ourselves and others to breath.
  22. The Doesn’t Even Need a Title: Passion. Coming out of university; a time and phase where everything was so structured to then moving into working world was incredibly difficult for me. I graduated with a Business Management and Economics degree, and I decided to follow my passion, the art of fashion. What I don’t understand is how people choose to go for jobs that offers a large wage, yet doesn’t give them happiness. I am strong believers that if you have this burning fire in your belly despite what it is; pursue it!

All of which I have written is raw. Some may be able to relate to all, some or even none of them. The meaning of this post was to just bring you back down to earth, and remind you to just LIVE!

I would love to know your lessons learned at whatever your age is. Comment on this post and I will for sure read them!

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