Lover of Chocolate!

Whats better than eating warm creamy chocolate dipped in strawberries? You guessed it! Having them scrumptious little joys smeared on your face!

The beauty behind this face mask is, we can say bye bye to the toxic chemicals, and hello to the all summer au naturals!

Bentonite clay is composed of ashes from the vigorous volcano, too some this may be a little gross, but believe me,  nothing gets more natural then putting raw earth on your


With the face mask: result

skin! The magic behind this type of clay is that it cleanses within deep layers of your skin, detoxifying and clarifying while also plumping up to give that soft texture feeling! When adding water to this, this instantly extracts the negative elective charges of the clay, which insight reduces the toxins lurking around your face!

Other than fulfilling your sweet tooth cravings, strawberry are bursting with powerful anti-oxidants and heaps of Vitamin C to keep your keep chirpy and glowing! With the addition to this, strawberries is a natural skin lighter with their seeds extraction acting as a gentle exfoliator! Sounds good right, It only gets better!

And the final ingredient is the nutty almonds! Enriched with Omega 3 fatty acid, this acts as a tougher exfoliator and plumps up the skin overall and keeps it moisturised! Loaded with calcium, this gives the extra push for your skin to absorb all the nutritional goodies from this almost edible face mask. (Tempting but don’t do it)

This clay face mask consist of:

  1. 1 tsp Bentonite clay
  2. 1 tsp cocoa powder
  3. 2/3 fresh juicy strawberries
  4. 4/5 crushed almonds
  5. 2 tsp water


1. Mix the clay and cocoa powder through a sieve into a bowl to allow all the lumps to be blocked out, this would create a creamer texture for the face mask.Smells good ay?


Required ingredients

2. The strawberries need to be in a paste consistent.I found  that finely chopping it up and also sieving it through was the best way to do this! If the lumps are fairly large, mix it with water to finer it!

3. Next, crush the almonds through a blender, these will act as your exfoliator therefore the smaller the pieces of your almonds, the softer the face mask will be.

4. Finally, if you feel  the mask is too thick,  mix in the remanding water. However if you’re pleased with the outcome, you’re good to go!

5. Start with a fresh canvas- wash your face cleanse thoroughly!

6. For this, using my hands was the best way to get full coverage, cos you know, I love plastering chocolate all over my face! So, apply evenly but quickly as the clay drys real quick!

7.Keep it on for 15-20 minutes and gently wash it off using water. When you’re doing this, you could use a exfoliator brush ( pictured below) to really get it soaked into the deeper skin levels. Equally, you can use your hands in a circle motion to get it in the nooks and crannies, getting your blood flowing too!


Chocolate and Strawberry face mask


Facial Brush: The Body Shop. £4






This face mask breaths yuminess all over and a complete accountable for a ‘cheat’ day during your week!

Lots of love!


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