Is there every as such thing of being ‘too late’? Whilst most of us are toasting our tootsies near the fire place and wrapping the gifts, many of us  have left the ‘joyous’ moment to the last minute. Which is why, with the passion of smelling every damn perfume in the store have enlisted the top 3 perfumes to buy that special lady under £120.


Dolce and Gabanna: No 3 L’imperatrice Eau De Toilette

I live, breath, and even bath in this perfume. Is it the only scent I consist of being my day to evening’s fragrance. For a day sent, simply spray more. Take it to the evening by spraying more for a more vivid scent.  I honestly couldn’t tell you how many bottles I have bought on one hand, however it has been my favourite scent for the past 3 years, and I thought it’s about time to pay homage to my signature smell.

Sweet as can be; this Eau De Toilette sports a seductive vivid Watermelon smell, marrying the famous Lemon Tree scent. The top key notes are Pink Pepper, Kiwi and Rhubarb. With the heart and soul being Jasmine and Cyclamen and the base being must and sandalwood. For the longest, this scent has been my favourite purely being of the duration of it on you, as well as the affordable price and scent overall. If she endeavors the sweet fresh smell, but the subtle type- not sickening then this is right down your road.

Cartier:  Baiser Volé Eau De Parfum

This is for THAT women. You know the one who walks in and has all heads turnings at her. Cartier has an empowered smell of passion with a hint of spicy fruits. The French Perfumer Mathilde Laurent known for her masterpieces within Cartier; composed notes which married together to produce a scent which fired up steamy heat. Each spray is almost like a hot kiss; merging lily, green leaves of lily, citruses and green notes. Spray as little as two times for a gradual buildup of the sweet smell as it slowly releases the core notes.

Although this perfume is very much a warm sweet smell, I would associate this smell only to be worn in the frosty season and for the extreme special occasions. The scent is intensely distinctive and best worn with as little sprays as possible as the aroma becomes stronger once it hits the tempreture of your body.

Yves Saint Laurent:  Black Opium

Black Opium. Must I say more? This is a newbie in my perfume collection and let me tell you, she brings the life to the party! I heard on numerous accounts of how fabulous YSL’s Black Opium smelt, however nothing edged me to purchase it until couple of weeks ago.  Ever since purchasing it, it has never left my handbag and it my number one best friend; taking me from office ready evening nights.

The signature smell of YSL is true to its notes- and that is Black Coffee. The caffeine based perfume sure leaves your adrenaline feeling high, but also seduced too. With top notes of pink pepper and orange blossom, the scent smells vividly enduring and leaving you wanting more. Whilst the top and heart notes compliment each other, the base notes of classic vanilla, patchouli and cedar wood soaks in. Vanilla isn’t just any old vanilla where it’s plain black and white. Get the wrong measurements of vanilla, the scent turns from sexual to sickly. However YSL’s Black Opium keeps the heart notes of jasmine and coffee at the forefront, leaving the vanilla to highligh the scent rather than over power it.

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