Get ready for Sacet’s ‘Choose what you pay’ event this Black Friday!

Craftsmanship; the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry. As the trends are moving at high speed, brands such as Sacet is keeping it real and close to the planet. Inspired by the local and international causes within the industry, Sacet has allowed us to come closer to embrace and indulge ourselves into their lavish ethically designed jewellery.


Sacet live and breathe their mantra; People, Planet, Profit, and it is in exactly that order. They believe in investing time, love and effort in their craftsmen who produce carefully delicate and intricate jewellery for the brand. Whilst the fashion industry can be seen a highly populated market for monetization, Sacet are staying true to their word and keeping it close with the community. With the recent launch in 2016, Sacet has revolutionised the market by staying genuine and humble. You’re probably thinking, but how? Simple, Sacet is transparent. From their website to their parcels- they allow their customers to get to know the craftsmen on a personal basis by providing almost like mini portfolios throughout the shopping experience.


You would think being sustainable and ethic would disadvantage the quality of work right? Incorrect. At Sacet, they have sourced the rawest ethically designed gold and silver wear which aims to look effortless yet classy. Each item is either incrusted with dainty diamonds or bold earthy stones which represents their trueness to nature and the community


EXCITING NEWS ALERT! Sacet is to lead the way this Black Friday by setting up a ‘choose what you pay’ event this Friday! Keeping the craftsmen behind the ethically produced items, Sacet have schemed up this week to allowing their customers to choose the price tag. A minimum of £48 and a maximum of £95, you’re able to control the amount which is divided majorly between the crafts people, the planet and lastly their small amount of profit. Sacet’s USP show’s they and we as customers can also appreciate the high quality of art behind each and every piece sold at Sacet as well as enjoy the luxury of looking elegant in their styles.


To shop the elegant range, visit: and be sure to tune into their Instagram page to keep up to date with their unique sustainable Black Friday event here: sacet_world.


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