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Nikita_Bobbi_Brown_01_05_2017-7731Nikita_Bobbi_Brown_01_05_2017-7692Nikita_Bobbi_Brown_01_05_2017-7669Nikita_Bobbi_Brown_01_05_2017-7755 (1)When you try to associate a smell to summer, it’s mere enough impossibly. It could be the fresh grass, the cherry blossoms or even a glass of Pimms…what really inspires moments is the smell carrying on you. The world of perfumery is truly magical where you’re able to relive the moment of time with a single scent.

Floris is enriched with strong true British history.  Floris has allowed me to rediscover history and enjoy the smells once lived by history makers such as Florence Nightingale Winston Churchill and many more.  Began in the 1730s  by Juan Famenias Floris and his wife Elizabeth, they  started off producing perfumes, combs and shaving products in London’s elegant quarter of St James.  Floris has since expanded to the prestigious location of Belgravia however continues to have the brands heart at St James.

Some may even wonder ‘isn’t the smell too vintage for this generation?’ This question can be asked a lot with many perfumery houses; none the less the USP for Floris is they embrace the rawness of the ingredients. The perfume I tried was ‘Bouquet De La Reine’, I know sounds oh soo fancy and fresh right, and it is exactly that.

Let’s get a little educational here. A perfume is split into three notes. The top note is the aroma scented directly when spraying the smell. The heart notes develop once it has soaked into your skin at your body temperature. And lastly, the base note appears after the heart note, which combines the ingredients together to create the theme of the smell.

Bouquet De La Reine honors the unique tones of the top note including bergamot, blackcurrant buds, peach and violet leaf. The key ingredient which attracted me the scent was the peach.  Curious to see if I can distinguish the smell; I instantly grasped a warm scent of fresh delicious peach on the soft top notes.

Once settled, I was able to experience the heart notes which were jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, tuberose, ylang ylang. Most perfumes usually focus on one floral scent and emphasis on this, however the combination of fresh and incredibly light florals merged their magic together to create this sweet delicate trace.

Lastly, the perfume adds a delicate amount of spice from oakmoss, sandalwood and the traditional vanilla.  Vanilla in some can be extremely powering and somewhat sickeningly sweet in the summer days; however Bouquet De La Reine focuses on the light, sweet fruity smell allowing to experience the traditional British aroma.

Bouquet De La Reine was originally created for Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Due to the it being a popular smell, it was then added to the Floris repertoire in the 1860s. The perfume now symbolism and celebrates the grand Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty, The Queen.

To buy the range, you can visit the branches at St James Sq or Belgravia. Alternatively, you can buy it online here. Bouquet De La Reine is retailed at £75 and can be bought here.

P.S I can now say I wear the same perfume as the Queen, woo!

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