Edge Rocker



I’ve always found it a hit or miss when it comes to finding statement pieces in Zara. However my urmming and arring for this dress led to a wardrobe win! This faux leather detailed shirt dress caught my eye miles away and I just had to try it on! It’s one of those dresses that you have to trust will look good when you wear it rather than it being displayed.  What I adore about this dress is the use of simple cotton top shirt and the sweetheart shaping of the faux leather dress. Even better, the bottom of the dress is asymmetric , making it extremely edgy! Adding classic back into this look, I paired my leather open toe boots to balance out the outfit as a whole. One thing I absolutely love is colour clashing. I mean, why not?! I added fiery toned clutch to close off the outfit, adding further boldness overall.

It is clear to say that many people would shy away from leather, one of which were me. In all honesty, I always thought leather was a tad of a scary look and felt it portrayed a masculine feel.  I hate labeling myself a specific stereotype, whether that’s being called a girly girl or a tom boy, and as cliche as it is, I am going to be and do whatever I want! This dress was completely outside my comfort zone, and guess what? Best. Decision. Yet. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of wearing faux leather. Whilst opting for a traditional classic dark leather look may be somewhat the safer option, always remember to play outside your comfort zone- you will be damned surprised at how fun yet chic your outfits will be look.

Product details: 

Dress: Zara

Clutch: Dorathy Perkins

Earrings: ASOS

Heels: Glamorous

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