Carats of gold…

So this new American beauty craze says it all. We all know where their pocket money is going, right down into their gold facemask…literally! You see, it took a little while to understand why so many beauty bloggers are putting GOLD on their faces, and thought DSC_0065what the heck, I may as well and see what the hype is about.  The face mask which I trialed out was called ‘Gold Bio -Collagen Facial Mask’, produced by Guangzhou Jichang Cosmetics Company Limited, based in Korea.  This face mask has both its positives, and parts which it could improve on, therefore I’ll make it short and snappy.

Lets start on a positive note.

  • It was exiting to test out a collagen based gold mask. Collagen isn’t just aimed at the mature ladies and men out there; it could also be useful to get the hang of using it during your 20s to slow down the process later in life.
  • The face mask is literally a gooey sheet that you just place on your face, and that’s really it. There’s no bits and bobs flying off anywhere, keeping it clean and simple.
  • While some face mask wares off the effect after a couple of face washes, I could really tell the difference even after a couple of days! It left my skin plumped as a peach, and incredibly smooth. I also noticed it reduced the redness on my cheeks and lightened them up. Instant effects- AMAZING!
  • Merged with gold is the bio ingredients, them being Hyaluronic Acid, Plant Collagen, Amino Acid and Rose Essential oil, it aims to target the followings, and I definitely swear by it:
    • Tightens the skin
    • Reduction of fine lines
    • Moisturizes the deeper layer of skin
    • Lightens the complexion of your skin.
  • Major perks of this face mask is you don’t need to worry about matching it with your skin type, myself and my best friends (who have a different skin type than me) tried the same mask on, and it literally gave us the same results!

Right, on to the not so good parts.

  • The mask itself only comes in a standard one size, so for people like myself with small heads, its a little bit of a struggle. I sat there fiddling around left right and center trying to figure out where my nose had to go, while trying to not blind myself from the eye slots.
  • The waiting time. This mask can only work its magic once being placed for 30 minutes. As you can imagine, 30 minutes of looking up in the ceiling, trying to prevent the mask not to slither down is everything but exciting.
  • This mask definitely does not lack in collagen. Now, that is a positive as it is extremely trust worthy, but too much of it makes the face mask’s consistency too slimy. Being soaked in the packed till the moment you open it, it’s constantly marinating in the packet, making it softer and more flimsier.

None the less, I completely get why everyone dropping their eyeballs for this mask. Yes yes, I now am a proud converter of  collagen gold face masked zombie! The face mask is completely perfect for instant results, but if you lack patience like myself at points like these, you might want a stress ball to squeeze!

Here’s some wacky, slightly embarrassing pictures of us testing these lush face mask!


Told ya- waaaay to big for my face



And the after results!

Until next time beauties, bye bye!


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