So your skin needs a breather. Us girls( and boys) love to have that Va Va Voom look 24/7. But really, your skin is just screaming ‘I need air, where’s my snorkel!’ Well, don’t you worry my dear, Eve Lom to the rescue!

This oh soo rich Kaolin clay face mask is marketed at £35 for 50ml and £55 for 100ml. Yes, I know…its expensive! But hear this, it’s fully enriched with honey and sweet almond extracts.

Honey is a women top-secret! It not only boosts your natural complexion, but also helps clarify pores, easing them to be unclogged, and acts as a antibacterial ( great for skin suffering with acne). The super scrumptious sweet almonds are bursting with Vitamin E, helping you nourishing your skin, and preventing any skin damage affected by the great Mr Sun! And the cherry on top of this product is , its base is Kaolin clay! Also known as China clay. Yes, this clay is also used in your mothers finest China plates! This magical earthiness is used for detoxifying and cleansing!

As always, when applying any face mask, make sure you start with a blank canvas! This rescue mask is said to be kept for 20 minutes. The clay does not have a unique aroma to it, however does trace of a ‘on top of a volcano’ smell, in simple terms, ashy. Once 20 minutes is over,gently massage and rinse with warm water, making sure all the goodness is being flourished within your skin. Once you have dabbed your skin dry,  wait a couple of minutes before applying your moisture as this allows your akin to adjust back to the natural temperature.

When I had used this, my skin was left super firm and felt like the mask had gone right deep into the nitty gritty business which was, to cleanse and purify my skin. The clay seemed to dry within a couple minutes, making it pretty much impossible to talk…which I guess was in favor to keep me quiet in the house. Overall, this face mask could be a little less pricey, but the result makes up for the pennies well spent!

P.S: A great combo with a big fat bowl of melted chocolate!

Product Links:
Eve Lom Rescue Mask 50ml: http://www.evelom.com/Rescue-Mask-50ml/MEV0028_4602,en_GB,pd.html?&cgid=Shop%20Products

Eve Lom Rescue Mask 100ml: http://www.evelom.com/Rescue-Mask-100ml-Jar/MEV0028_7880,en_GB,pd.html



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