30 Day Blemished Skin Transformation with Tropic Skincare

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First thing first; I am sure you have picked up from my Instagram stories that I am OBSESSED with The Apprentice. Why am I talking about this? So, in 2011 Susan Ma, the founder of Tropic Skincare entered The Apprentice’s house in strive to be Lord Alan Sugar’s business partner. At this point, it was love at first sight for me. I instantly felt her passion, her urge and aspiration behind her business and need to show the market how unique her brand would be. Susan Ma and her mother started their business from the humble roots of Greenwich Market.  The brand began when her mother was struggling to pay the bills, therefore they started looking into ways to fulfill their payments. From the age of 15, Susan joined her mother on the market stalls and during this time the duo only sold body smooth products. Fast forward almost 2 decades, Susan now has a successful established skincare brand that is sourced from all over the nations whom has a 50/50 partnership with Lord Alan Sugar.

Now we know the DL on Tropic Skincare, lets touch upon why I specifically wanted to try out the ‘Good Skin Day’ resurfacing serum. Around a month ago, my skin broke out heavily due to stress levels, lack of water and clear dirt of pollution. Working in and out of London; its had its major toll on my skin where evidently my skin has became dull, weak and even almost thin. Having known the growth of Tropic Skincare and the wonders their products have performed, I wanted to see for myself and record the results with a 30 day transformation blog to showcase to you the outcome of behind this serum.

When it comes to my skin, my attention draws straight to my eyes. I suffered with mild eczema many years ago and have incredibly sensitive skin. During each season, I try to tame my skin by using only natural products, however since the harsh blemished had a outburst- it felt like I was competing against each and every spot all at once! In a frame of a month, I put the serum to the test. Tropic’s ‘Good Skin Day’ resurfacing serum is recommended to be used between 2-3 times a week, under your moisturiser. Personally, 2 times a week was good enough as I could see the consistency of my skin becoming healthier instantly. I also saw a gradual improvement of my spots slowing down, and even maintaining them before they could became whiteheads. The serum contacts fruit acid extracts, which allows to replenish and almost renew your skin. It draws deep into the levels of your skin to allow it to work and soak into the roots beneath. To help with resurfacing and allowing your skin to glow; papaya, mango and surge maple are also key ingredients of the Tropic Serum.

Below, you’ll see the transformation of my skin which the serum worked upon. My first impression? I didn’t expect the serum to be as light as it was, not that this is an issue! A consistency between gel and water, the serum absorbs instantly leaving an almost matt finish. It was extremely easy to work in, especially under my moisturiser as some serums leave your skin feeling damp and clogged up.



My verdict: Tropic’s ‘Good Skin Day’ resurfacing serum sticks true to what it says. Over duration of a month, I’ve seen my skin change from miserably dull to natural glowy. I’d aimed to use the serum purely to control my blemishes, however it drew wonders by providing a shield against pollution and regenerating my skins condition during the night.

To purchase Tropic Skincare’s ‘Good Skin Day’ resurfacing serum, click HERE.

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