From powering through your Mondays like Speedy Gonzales, to finding your Zen; the cold(er) nights are upon us and it’s getting even harder to get out of the right side of the bed.  The ritual of frustration when your horrendously annoying alarm bell rings in the morning can set us off the wrong track on Monday morning. It’s time I owned up and change my focused on why my star sign was not made for this lifestyle (Leo’s are diva, trust me) to more so what changes; I have enlisted 10 customs on changes I have made in the past month to ensure I am a positive and energetic morning person.

untitled-000451. Time your sleep on a 90 minute cycle. We all go through 3 stages in our sleep cycle which is calculated in 90 minutes. We start off with the light sleep, followed by deep sleep and lastly a dream which is referred as REM-sleep. Often, we wake up grouchy and unpleasant due to being woken half way through our sleeping pattern. Calculating at least 4-5 cycles every 24 hours can ensure us a healthy sleep.

2. Talk to your diary. At the beginning of the year, I purchased The Happiness Planner. Every morning, it has allowed me to organise my mental thoughts, my worries and also my goals.  It has also allowed me to reflect back onto my day and make sure I have a better following day. Get organised and plan ahead.

3. Find a job you’re passionate about. A job doesn’t feel like a job if you love it. I wouldn’t say I have been lucky to find my feet in the fashion industry this early in my career as I have worked my butt off for it, however it does make it a hell of a lot better. Find a job where its fun for you and it challenges you mentally and soulfully.

4. Wear colour! Most people tend to shy away, and as many of you may be forbidden to wear shades in the corporate world, fit in the tones another way. Colour allows you to feel energised indirectly. For example, on a dull winter’s day, people would want to wear something that is more so warm and comfortable than trendy. Which is fine, but add a splash of the brightest colour into your day and see how your environment changes.


5. Quality over quantity. Set a realistic time in your alarm. I very well know I am not going to wake up at 5.30 am as hard as I try; so set a time where you will feel refreshed but satisfied with.

6. If you’re going to do something, make sure it happens. Just like any major goal you have in your life, set a mini goal you would like to achieve during the day and make it happen!

7. Be zen-full. I tend to have a mini facial on Sunday evenings, knowing I look my best at the beginning of the week. It calms me down and allows me to connect back to the world before heading into a busy week.untitled-00061

8. Say thank you. We all say thank you to each and every to whom we appreciate, however take time to say thank you to the world. Appreciate physically by saying thank you to your bed, to the shelter, to the food and water you have consumed today. Going to bed with a smile leaves you waking up in a positive mood knowing you have given your gratitude back to nature.

9. 3 minutes of mediation brings your soul back to earth and allows you to connect to your core. I’ve been mediating for the past 2 months now, whether that’s the last thing before I go sleep or the first thing I do when I wake up. Mediating has put me in the right side of the mornings, and let me breath before I move onto my next stage of my routine.

10. And lastly, stop panicking. We often go into this mental stage where if the first thing in the morning didn’t go to plan, our entire routine and day has been ruined. Breathe, focus, and start again!

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