Who else wants that ‘your lip colour, but better’ shade? Someone who is obsessed with the tones of subtle nudes, I am forever on the hunt to find my go-to seasonal tone colour. A few weeks back, I went for my very own consultation at Code8, where they made a bespoke nude shade to my acquired taste. I’ve nabbed a few tips and tricks from the industry on finding your ultimate natural nude shade, and I cannot wait to share them with you.


The primary colours of my nude lipstick.

You’re either someone who warms up to the thought of bright bold shades or one who is comfortable with keeping it bare and simple. I am the latter. I wanted the perfect matte nude tone which wasn’t going to wash out my features but was also held the right texture suited for my complexion.  Since I have a warm undertone, my primary colours were yellow, pink and a hint of purple to soften up the shade.


Weighing up the mixture. 

To find your perfect nude, start with analysing your skin tone.  Let your skin take the lead. A trick in the beauty industry is to go either one shade lighter or darker to your complexion. By doing so, this gives you that ‘there but not there’ kind of look. Go darker for a more pigmented look, and go lighter for a clear even tone.  Your undertone also pays a crucial part to find the perfect nude. A quick trick to finding out your undertone is to check your veins on your forearm. If they are blue, you are on the cooler side. If they are green, you class yourself as warm. However, if you’re somewhere in the middle then you have the blend of gold and pink undertone in your skin.


Cooling and freezing the lipstick to set the mix together. 

For those who have fair skin, enhance your natural soft shade opting for browner colors.  This will naturally bring out the golden tones in your skin and complete easy-going makeup look.

 Medium-skinned complexion usually holds a cooler tone. Opt for peachy ashy colours to blend the cooler tones out and bring some warmth to your overall look.  Personally, I am either someone who concentrates on nude eyeshadows or nude lipsticks. For both, when testing out products, ALWAYS do it on your actual feature as opposed to your hand. Your hand is lighter than your face; therefore it is a must when possible to try it on properly.

For dark tones, it is best to select for something quite chocolaty overall. Dependent of whether you have a red or blue undertone, the texture is incredibly important for when you are finding a tone suited for darker skin. Choose a matte nude tone for the ultimate pigmented coverage, or a sheer touch to brighten up your natural tone


The final lipstick designed by Code8 and I, labeled as ‘Naked’.

To purchase my ‘Naked’ shade, simply quote Naked by Nikita at Code8’s counter at

 4 Burlington Arcade London W1J 0PZ  (This experience was gifted).

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