How To Land Your Dream Brand Collaboration

Okay, I’m back and back for good! I took a tiny (perhaps around a year-long) break as work-life and running a start-up took a lot of my time, however, I am back and I am raring to go! In the last 4+ years of working within Social Media from a brand and Influencer POV, I wanted my first ‘comeback’ blog post to be focused on providing you with a solid foundation on how to land your dream collaboration! Covering from what to say and not to say, to how to find your niche, keep on reading to find industry lead tips and tricks!


Whether you’re blogging, content creating, modelling or anything in between this; it is important to define what problem you are solving and how you would like to sell yourself. Let’s take blogging, for example, when approaching brands you are not only offering them exposure, you are providing them with a permanent URL link feature, a dedicated written content along with supporting social media features, such as on Instagram. With this service, you are driving traffic to the website and boosting their brand on Google. PR / Social Media teams are always on the hunt on finding new and exciting ways to promote their exciting products. Offer your service based on what they are currently focusing on and how you can up their marketing game.

Here’s a second example; a content creator. As a Content Creator, you have the capabilities of presenting the brand’s products in a creative way. From creating mood boards to shooting to editing, these are a few USP which you could promote. A content creator is solving a brand’s problem by providing them visual content which they may not have available and one which can be used throughout their social media platforms.


When pitching, it’s important to remember PR/ Social Media Managers are inundated with various Influencer opportunities daily, they want you to get to the point and present your ideas in the simplest and precise way possible. Just like applying to a job, do a little background research and pinpoint what products you would like to promote. Many beauty brands will often host a sneak peek of a product which they plan to launch soon. This is the perfect opportunity for you to reach out and ask to be put on their PR list, making sure you’re one of the first to know when the product is launched.

For the brand clear judgement, they want to see the hardcore statistics on what makes you special. Now, this doesn’t mean you need thousands of followers, this simply means they want to know more about your audience as well as you. Sharing key information such as your engagement rate, key locations and impressions are in any collaboration. Starting up is daunting, believe me, and when you don’t have strong figures to share at the beginning it can be quite nerve-wracking. However, most large established brands are more likely to work with micro-influencers as they believe in their quality of work, so don’t think small!


There are only two ways this can go, the brand is either interested in working with you or unfortunately are not looking to move forward. If they are of the latter, do not be disheartened. Knowing yourself and the brand have exchanged conversation also opens up a little peek of the door to contact them again a few months down the line. If a brand has got back to you and is interested in working with you, present them with a creative unique idea which meets their brand purpose. For example, as we are currently in the middle of summer to fall, trends are shifting in making those summer dresses last a little bit longer in your autumn wardrobe before tucking them away till next year. Approach the brand with a concept which meets their needs which they will also most likely be able re-post on their channels.

I hope these tips and tricks have given you a good foundation to bounce from in the world on social media! To give you a little helping hand, I have also created a FREE template which you can use when pitching to brands, simply sign up and I’ll pop the document across in your inbox!

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