Bobbi Brown | Skin Foundation Cushion Compact SPF 35

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Here’s a realisation call. Have you ever been to the makeup counter, and the beautiful consultant shares her knowledge of the product you’re interested in? She tells you the level of coverage, how soft and light it will feel and how pigmented the product is. You and I are sold already. However, the most important thing we could do for our skin is to give it the right nutrition.

Bobbi Brown’s latest innovation is the Skin Enhancing Cushion Compact SPF 35 aimed at all skin types. The motive of the Cushion Compact is to be light and radiant an instant glow. What is truly amazing about this product is the highly intensified ingredients aimed at the well being of your skin rather than the colouration level. Uniquely, the compact foundation is packed with pink silk tree exacts and caffeine and the supports to lock in all the freshness of the ingredients.

Naturally with the harsh environment around us, we are not receiving the essentials we need to keep boosting our natural glow. The mixture of caffeine and lychee work together to re-energise your skin instantly and more overtime. With the help of oil controlling and moisturizing ingredients, the formula projects an even and flawless finish with shiny dewy glow. When applying, the liquid was extremely workable, easily building a light ‘second skin’. Whilst some foundations turn ashy throughout the day, Bobbi Brown’s had a constant flawless glow. I often find wearing foundation leaves blemishes on my skin the next day. However,  as this range concentrates in providing strong skin essentials , my skin felt extremely smooth without a spot in sight!

You must be thinking there’s no sun- why do I need SPF 35 coverage at this point of the year?! Whilst the sun is not always visible (in London), it’s rays are still are able to peer through the dull sky and affect the condition of our skin. The USP of  Bobbi Brown’s foundation is one that doesn’t market itself as disguising your natural beauty, in fact #SeePerfectSkin is all about enhancing your core beauty. Whether it’s the compact ,liquid or stick foundation, they aim to showcase and enhance your features rather than masking them under a cake of foundation.

To buy your shade, visit your  your nearest Bobbi Brown counter to be colour matched. Alternatively, you can be matched by talking to a artist online here.

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